The resort is located about 78 km (a 2-hour drive) from the Goa International Airport at Dabolim,
34.6 km (a 60-minute drive) from the New Goa International Airport at Mopa and 40 km (a 60-minute drive)
from the newly launched Sindhudurg Airport at Chipi.

Situated at the top of a steep cliff, the resort offers stunning views of the Arabian Sea to the west and the Mochemad Khadi estuary to the north, with verdant hills to the east and south. This region is known for its rugged hills and dramatic coastal views, and is an area of outstanding natural beauty.

The resort’s architecture is inspired by the famous forts of Sindhudurg. These forts are built on a system of massive ramparts that follow the contours of their mountain-side setting, with points of occupation created by thickening the structure to create circular defensive bastions. The resulting curvilinear architecture is both easily extendible and in harmony with its natural context, and is well-suited for observing the surrounding area. Similarly, the resort’s plan is arranged along the contours of the site, taking advantage of the stunning views and natural surroundings.