A few minutes from Panjim, past verdant paths, and on Vainguinim beach, await intimate alcoves, overhanging balcaos, historic murals, a backyard beach, and the friendliest hosts. Simply, Goa in a resort.

Designed as a Portuguese hamlet, with a Mediterranean influence, by world-renowned architect Charles Correa, Cidade de Goa, our beach resort in Goa, is a blend of luxury, warmth, and the laidback elegance of susegad. It embodies the heart of Goa, both in terms of location and vibe.

One is welcomed by stunning views of the sea, manicured greens, and vibrant medleys of oranges, yellows, and blues. Correa’s telling murals, chequered floors, balcaos, and tiled roofs take one through a historical Portuguese-Goan journey. Every corner has a story, every nook – places to sit, and every evening is accentuated by live music.

Rooms or quartos are thoughtfully designed, keeping heritage, space, and grace in mind. Every suite is one with a view, opening out into the blues and sounds of the sea, every window a suitable spot for introspection. The quaint & secluded Vainguinim beach, makes Cidade de Goa an excellent destination for discerning families. A range of water sports, games, and children’s facilities ensures everyone is occupied.

For health pilgrims, Clube Saúde’s Tattva Spa and Salon rejuvenates, the gymnasium keeps the adrenaline going, and Pavitra Ayurveda encourages self-discovery through meditation, yoga, and self-healing.

Gourmands are spoilt for choice. Laranja, the multi-cuisine restaurant, welcomes all with wide arches. Alfama, reminiscent of old Lisbon, provides a unique balance of the global and local. Café Azul, a pool-side restaurant, overlooking the sea, is proud of its Indian, Italian, and local cuisines, while the seasonal Barbeque, the open-air restaurant, lets you indulge in intimate conversations just a few metres from the sea. Professionals, too, may breathe easy as contemporary venues create the desired ambience for both conventions and rendezvous.

Warmth is at the heart of Cidade de Goa and is complemented by service that speaks volumes. Friendly smiles await your arrival, the concierge helps with tours, and in-resort currency exchangers make travel a breeze. After all, we are only as good as our people and ours are the best.

Experience the heart of Goa – just 30 minutes from the airport at our beach resort in Vanguinim beach. It would be a pleasure to have you.